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Foreign Rights

Foreign Rights

Foreign Rights Department

The Foreign Rights Department promotes books published by Humensis to approximately 2000 foreign publishers. To do this, they regularly diffuse information on new titles, attend international book fairs and organise study trips. They also work through agents, especially for the United States, Japan, China, Korea, Spanish-speaking countries and Greece. This department is highly attentive to the legality of the process of publishing foreign editions and assures the liaison between authors and foreign publishers.



Sandrine Paccher, rights director
Barbara EDUN, foreign rights
Alexandra PERNIN, accounts/permissions



Subsidiary Rights

Le service des droits dérivés se charge de répondre à toutes les demandes d'autorisation de reproduction d’extraits. Il répond également aux demandes concernant les projets d’édition poche, d’édition club, d’adaptation théâtrale et audio-visuelle ainsi que les projets numériques. Ce service veille en particulier au respect dû au texte, au règlement des droits et à la défense du copyright.


Contact : Alexandra PERNIN

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